Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Sleeping Arrangements- The players will be segregated by gender and will have their own classroom where they will sleep. There will be zero tolerance for members of the opposite gender in any of the sleeping quarters.

Food – The players will have three meals a day. They will be catered from outside companies. They will also have snacks available between meals.

Items to Bring- The players will be provided with a recommended kit list. Their soccer and sleeping items are the priority. They shouldn’t bring anything of high value.

Facilities for Soccer- The school has a High School size gym, we also train on the school field and the fair grounds soccer field. All are within walking distance to the school.

Money- We do go shopping on one of the days into the town. The players in the past have visited the British Candy Store. They have the option to buy items if they wish but are not required too. The player will have an enjoyable week with no money.

Medicine– It is recommended that all medicine is brought to the attention of the staff for consultation.

CMSA Scheduled Games– We have had players return to Calgary for their game and return to Banff at the conclusion of the game.

Supervision Ratios– We work off a maximum ratio of 10-1 players to coach generally it is 7-1 ratio. The non soccer times we have a 6-1 ratio.

Rain Policy– We will train in the rain but we always have access to the gym if there is lightning.

Grouping of Players- We will do some activities as a big group others as individuals and also split the players according to age and ability.

Any other questions please call or email